Cognolink reveals new name and brand identity as Third Bridge

Cognolink reveals new name and brand identity as Third Bridge

Today we officially changed our company name from Cognolink to Third Bridge. We had been using Third Bridge for a few years as a trademark and business unit name for our syndicated primary research and intelligence reports entity, before we decided to elevate it to our principal name.

Rather than a change of business structure or ownership, this was an opportunity for us to align our naming and identity with our strategy and future growth plans.

Since our inception, when we focused on connections with industry experts, we have developed our range of services so that we now offer several complementary ways for our clients to access primary information that makes the difference to their investment decisions.

Aligning our structure and communication under one strong brand name made sense. We also took the opportunity to develop a new visual identity to reflect where we are today and celebrate our achievements.

What was the thinking behind ‘Third Bridge’?
We were already using the name Third Bridge for what is now our Intelligence division, and this name has a story of its own.

Like all great stories, this one starts with a journey… Travelling in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, one of our founders discovered an intriguing place called the ‘third bridge’. As local lore went, it was the last bridge to cross before arriving in unexplored territory; a region that is difficult to find and demands commitment and determination to reach. So the Third Bridge is not just a reminder of an extraordinary African adventure, but a perfect metaphor for what we do.

We believe that our new identity will support our growth plans and enable us to build a strong and cohesive brand that is synonymous with excellent client service.