What we offer

Intelligent investors look for the most relevant knowledge to make the best decisions. In a world of search engines and social networks, where every deal seems brokered, the challenge is not too little information or too few people to speak to; rather it is to make sense of all that is available.

Whether it is facilitating a private conversation with an industry veteran, moderating a dialogue between experts and investors, or extracting insights from within the supply chain of a poorly documented industry, we are on our clients’ side, revealing the true value of their investment opportunities.

Third Bridge Connections

Third Bridge Connections provides access to industry experts who can offer unique insights into companies and markets. To an investor who is looking for information to steer a deal-making decision, there is nothing more powerful than the knowledge that is locked up inside people’s heads.

Case study
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US private equity firm considers acquisition of British educational publisher
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Third Bridge Forum

Forum is a primary research product which presents the value-added independent insights and opinions of industry specialists in a moderated interview format.

Sample Interviews
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UK Online Grocery Retail in 2017
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