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Third Bridge Connections provides access to industry experts who can offer unique insights into companies and markets. To an investor who is looking for information to steer a deal-making decision, there is nothing more powerful than the knowledge that is locked up inside people’s heads.

We listen to our clients in order to understand the context of their questions and the specific knowledge that they are looking for. We find the most relevant people with the right expertise and the ability to uncover the information that matters. Either as part of a telephone call or meeting, we make it possible for experts to discuss their industry with the most intelligent investors to a level of depth and specificity that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Case studies

  • The Brief

    US private equity firm considers acquisition of British educational publisher

    A US private equity client was looking for intelligence to help them decide whether to buy a leading British educational publisher.

    Our solution

    The Connections team took a three-pronged approach to sourcing specialists who could share the required knowledge with the client:

    • we engaged in custom recruitment to locate specialists who were previously unknown to us
    • we asked existing contacts for referrals within their own networks
    • we proposed specialists who we had existing relationships with

    Of the ten profiles we submitted to the client, they selected six and conducted five consultations.


    The client bought the educational publisher in a deal worth £400m. Their feedback was that Third Bridge recruited better specialists than our competitors – they appreciated receiving a shorter list of proposed experts who were relevant to the project, rather than a longer list of people who had not been carefully pre-qualified. They were especially pleased that our analysts were accommodating and responsive when they came back with new lines of enquiry on top of the initial brief.

  • The Brief

    Private equity firm makes significant investment in Nordic lingerie sector

    A pan-European private equity firm sought Third Bridge’s help on a trial basis when they were considering making a major investment in a Scandinavian lingerie producer.

    Our solution

    Due to the very specific request to tap into a hard-to-reach, niche industry, Third Bridge embarked on a customised direct recruitment campaign. We proposed three experts to the client, who scheduled consultations with all three.


    The client was very satisfied with the quality of the experts submitted, and the interactions resulted in the confidence to acquire the controlling interest in the lingerie firm for €50m. They are now a paying client of Third Bridge.

  • The Brief

    Private equity M&A deal in UK clinical laboratory space

    One of our European private equity clients came to us in search of knowledge to inform their decision to take over a clinical laboratory information management company.

    Our solution

    This project demonstrates how Third Bridge’s strong existing contacts can help clients access the information they need very quickly.

    Our experience in this industry enabled us to propose 17 ideal experts immediately, of which the client chose to consult with 11. The client also requested an introduction to a specific person, which we were able to facilitate straight away, as we had previously worked with him.


    The intelligence Third Bridge provided gave the client the confidence to make a £100m purchase. She was particularly impressed with our ability to increase her knowledge of the sector so quickly, as a result of being able to provide access to relevant people in a short timeframe.

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