Third Bridge Forum

Forum is a primary research product which presents the value-added independent insights and opinions of industry specialists in a conference call format.

Conference Calls

Our in-house team generates the ideas, finds the specialists and conducts the interviews, hosted by one of our expert moderators trained in extracting value on our clients behalf.

Clients can simply dial in and listen to a call live, with the ability to ask questions, or download and read a transcript of the call at a later date.

We currently host over 2,000 calls a year and have a database of over 5,000 historical transcripts which can be accessed from our online portal.

For credit clients, we look to provide regular timely coverage on the most interesting names in the global leveraged finance market. Our credit coverage list currently comprises c.200 European issuers and c.350 US issuers.

For our public and private equity clients, we provide thematic, sector and company-specific calls which help identify value-creation opportunities.

Ideas Dinners

For our credit and equity clients, Forum regularly host ideas dinners with small groups of buy-side investors who propose, discuss and deconstruct ideas on a particular name or sector. These events are a unique opportunity for our clients to debate their investment theses with other bright minds.

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