Third Bridge Forum

Third Bridge Forum is a platform for open discussions between experts and investors on timely and relevant investment topics. Whether it is macroeconomic trends, industry developments or company-specific events, our team pinpoints relevant subjects and thought leaders to discuss them, and opens the conversation to select groups of clients.

Clients can join the discussion by participating in group conference calls, reading transcripts of previous conversations, or joining other investors to exchange investment ideas in asset-class specific events.

Conference calls

We are constantly tracking market activity, so that we can host discussions on hot topics that are interesting to our clients. We identify the most relevant people to speak and our expert moderators interview them in a one-hour call, ensuring that the key questions are explored and answered. Clients can simply dial in and listen to the discussion live or request a transcript of the call.

Ideas Dinners

Our Ideas Dinners are an innovative way for our clients to exchange information with others in their peer group. We invite a select group of buy-side analysts to join us for an ideas sharing session that is focused on their asset class. These events are a unique opportunity for our clients to debate their investment hypotheses with other bright minds.

Recent discussions

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