FAQs for Bespoke Research Participants

FAQs for Bespoke Research Participants

Why was I approached by Third Bridge to participate in bespoke research?

Third Bridge's bespoke research utilises independent sources to gather insights on a particular industry, company or set of products.

What incentive is there for me to participate in your bespoke research?

The feedback we receive from participants is that this is a valuable, and often rare, opportunity to share industry knowledge and engage with a professional researcher who is up to date with developments in your industry.

You are also offered the opportunity to receive a summary of the report, at no charge.

How long will the bespoke research take?

We try not to take up more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time in each instance.

How often would I be asked to participate?

We conduct interviews on an ongoing basis, but you will not necessarily be asked to participate every time we are researching your area. We will remind you of the requirements of each interview each time we contact you, it will be your choice whether or not to participate on each occasion.

What sort of information will you ask me for?

We do not ask for confidential or business-sensitive information - what we are looking for is your opinion on what you are seeing in the market. We may ask questions of an analytical nature, but these are typically asked in the form of directional percentage changes or discursive commentary - your views on the industries, markets, products or companies. We are interested in knowing your opinion of the market in which you operate.

What do you use the information for?

We combine the information you provide with data collected from similar respondents to create industry intelligence reports that create a snapshot of a particular industry, company or product. These reports are then made available to our clients.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are institutional investors, management consultants and commercial organisations.

Will my identity be given to your clients?

No. All responses are anonymous and aggregated. Respondent identities are treated in strict confidence. We only ask for a contact name and details so that we can reconnect with you if the call is interrupted, and so we can share a summary of the report with you.

What are your compliance procedures?

We verify the independence of all our sources and make sure the participants are not employed by the target company (where applicable) in any way.

Our legal team reviews and approves both the questions and the target population before we start interviews. The legal team also reviews the report content before it is published.

We do not seek, and do not want to be provided with, confidential information, in any of our interviews. We usually ask for responses in the form of directional percentage changes or discursive commentary- your views on the industries, markets, products, companies.

Third Bridge complies with all data protection legislation and has procedures in place to ensure the security of the personal data we have on file, including the anonymity of clients and panel participants.

Do you use third parties to assist with data gathering?

No. Researchers trained by us and based at our offices conduct all the interviews in-house.