Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

Third Bridge has published its gender pay gap and bonus pay gap data on GOV.UK, and you can also see the breakdown in the figures below.

Our pay gap is predominantly driven by two key factors:

  1. Although Third Bridge is a global company, it is headquartered in London, UK, which is also where all our global senior executives are based and paid. Men make up the majority of our senior team.
  2. The number of part-time and temporary opportunities across our business are mainly filled by women.

If we were to remove the global senior executives and the temporary employees from our analysis, we would see a much more favourable picture, as the mean gender pay gap reduces from -33.5% to -11% and, in fact, the bonus changes in favour of women by +11%.

Looking at individual departments, rather than focusing on the overall number, shows a far more accurate view of gender pay equality at Third Bridge.

Connections is the largest department, employing more than 50% of our workforce and comprising an equal number of men and women. In this team, there is no gender pay gap and the figures show that women actually outperform men and therefore receive bonus payments that are 8% higher.

In our Sales department, where the team’s salaries are partly performance based, women are paid 19% more as base and 28.5% more in bonuses.

Where we do see a gender pay gap is in teams which are typically very male driven, e.g. IT and Development. This does not reflect a discrepancy in how we pay our male and female team members but rather a lack of prospective female candidates.

The purpose of this exercise is to assess whether men and women are paid equally for performing similar roles, and we are confident that this is the case across the board at Third Bridge. We continue to be an equal opportunities employer.

Third Bridge’s 2017-2018 Gender Pay Gap Data

1. Difference in mean hourly rate of pay – mean


2. Difference in median hourly rate of pay – median


3. Difference in mean bonus pay – mean


4. Difference in median bonus pay – median


5. Percentage of employees who received bonus pay



6. Employees by pay quartile



Upper quartile



Upper middle quartile



Lower middle quartile



Lower quartile